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y’all try to find the tiniest reason to not support sj/feminism like “oh wow a troll blog once said eating chinese food is cultural appropriation haha sorry i guess i don’t support trans rights at all anymore”


just shut the fuck up and unfollow me if what i say is going to get on your nerves or make you bitch at me to tag my ~social justice~ (??) it or whatever else. i’m not doing it tonight, forreal.


why even message me if you don’t have anything remotely intelligent or new to say? quit making my blood pressure skyrocket. go away. let me be cute in peace.

Anonymous: The fuck is wrong with you? Listen, white people having dreads is absolutely okay. Dreads is not a fucking black thing. We have not copyrighted dreads, and we have not copyrighted the word nigga. Dreads is just a natural hairstyle. Nigga is just a word. Jesus, get a fucking grip already and just try to look at the bigger picture instead of trying to paint an entire group of people as the villain. Instead, you wanna stay fucking ignorant, well I for one do NOT intend to stay that way.


you have a good time with your “we all bleed red!!” mentality while i stick over in my lane and avoid white people who turn black culture into a trend or some sort of fun silly lifestyle to try on like clothing (meanwhile society looks down upon black people who do the very same because it’s ‘ghetto, ratchet, ugly’ etc — i.e. twerking, AAVE, dreads or other black/natural hairstyles and the natural hair movement itself, etc. funny how once a white person does it, suddenly it’s some incredible trend — and the black people who did it before them are ignored.)

i don’t give a shit about you or anybody else who thinks that my anger towards this sort of thing is unwarranted. you can bitch and cry about how i’m ignorant for the rest of your days but the second i opened my fucking eyes to cultural appropriation and how it HEAVILY affects people of color, i saw it everywhere, and people like you became absolutely unimportant in my life.

unfollow me and eat my cute ass. bye!



i literally fucking hate shit like “well, i’m black and i think it’s fine when white people have dreads/say nigga/etc!”

because the second anyone says that shit, white people latch onto it like “see, it’s fine if i do this because this black person thinks it’s okay!”

no fucking thank you. go kiss white ass somewhere else.







This comic brought to you by a dreads-wearing black person.

Here’s a flowchart to determine if you’re wrongfully stealing a hairstyle!

Did you remove the hair that is now on your head from someone else’s head without their consent? No? You’re fine. Yes? You’re seriously fucked up.

bit of interesting history about dreadlocks and Europe (source)  ”Regardless of their origin, dreadlocks have been worn by nearly every culture at some point in time or another. Roman accounts stated that the Celts wore their hair ‘like snakes’. The Germanic tribes and Vikings were also known to wear their hair in dreadlocks.”

This comic brought to you by a dreads-wearing black person.

Just because you yourself do not care if others wear dreads does not mean this is how other poc and indigenous groups of people feel, and because non-poc are so fucking dense they use shit like this as some kind of ’ it’s cool to be a jackass pass’
They’re literally like ‘Wow look this one poc/indigenous person doesn’t care, so it’s totes okay if I not brush/wash dread my hair’
Also indigenous is a blanket term that means people who dwell in tribes; European tribes apply, so cut the shit before you start it.

Having a ‘spiritual journey’ and not washing your hair and letting it get ratty is not dreads, and some people can’t seem to understand that,
Unless you are going for that true Rastafari feel, and Rastafarian is a nouveau African movement so things get a little hairy when you’re not of African descent, but I digress.
A rat nest atop your head is not dreads, this comic does not excuse your bad choices, and lmfaooo the person I reblogged this from are you fucking serious???Lmfao no one has an issue with Asians wearing dreads.


This was embarrassing to say the least.

did the OP really make this post and say “this is coming from a dreads-wearing black person” as though that somehow cancels out any other black person’s opinion on dreadlocks? like??? congrats on your opinion but just because one black person thinks white person having dreads is perfectly fine doesn’t mean it isn’t still problematic and irritating

what a bad post



if you don’t know what my voice sounds like you should keep it that way for your own sake



updated this old shabby sprite because there were a lot of babby trolls on my dashboard (‘c ‘)/

saelem was really cute when she was little but she never wore matching socks and she was always up to no good (plus her hands were sticky all the time, gross)

Anonymous: Saelem, have you met anyone shorter than you who wasn't younger?

well, there’s s∀lcer…she’s older th∀n me.

uhh…other th∀n th∀t, no. i don’t think so. i’m usu∀lly shorter th∀n ∀ll my friends.