Outside Force



You sigh quietly, relieved that he took your odd little compliment well. Your cheeks darken with more color as he compliments you — it was something you certainly weren’t used to, especially not face to face. You’d never really thought much of your looks, because you didn’t pay them much attention, but the compliments were certainly appreciated.


You freeze again as he tucks hair behind your ear, your blood pumper fluttering in your chest quickly. Your eyes were glued to his, and you felt unsure of how to react when he stroked your cheek. The physical attention was certainly nice. You purred and shyly nuzzled into his hand.

“Th..thank you, Ricmen. Y-you’re so sweet.”

“Yeah, I know sweetheart. So are you.”

He chuckles, leaning in to place a gentle kiss on her forehead, smiling at her as he pulls back to sit in place. Letting out a satisfied sigh and relaxing into his seat, putting his arms up again and waiting to see if she would scoot closer again. His legs crossed and he stared out the window before him, raising a brow at a few thoughts before shaking them off. To whatever he was thinking, one couldn’t tell.

You bite your lip, rubbing your forehead softly where he kissed you. You blood pumper raced — you ached to know what he was thinking. You felt a little unsure of what to do. You did feel pretty flustered, but in an oddly pleasant way. Without thinking much, you leaned forward and nuzzled his neck gently before planting a soft kiss on the corner of his mouth. Your nervous nature screams at you to pull away and go back to sitting normally, but you ignore it and hide your blue face against his shoulder instead, a purr vibrating in your throat.